Ever since we’re a child learning to take our baby steps into this world, our father is our hero. He’s the one we look up to, the one whose hand we hold when we’re about to fall and the one who shields us from the world. Yes, we’re also scared of him but deep down we know, no matter what, he’ll protect us from everything. 

Even when we grow up and become independent and mature, we’re always our father’s child. He can never stop caring for us or ever stop worrying about us. And no matter how many times we think we’ve managed to fool him- whether it’s going out with friends in the name of ‘staying over at a friend’s place to study’ or ‘staying late at work for a meeting’- he always knows we’re lying. And while we’re out partying the night away, he’s at home, waiting for us to get back safe. 

And that is exactly what Hyundai’s latest ad tries to convey. 

Wondering how? Watch the TVC to know more:

Don’t leave the seat belt for the next time. Be the better guy, because there might not even be a ‘next time.’