There’s something really fascinating about doppelgängers. And it’s not like the identical twins fascination because you know they are from the same mothers. But picture this, two people look so identical, that you can easily mistake one for the other, and they’re not even related. 

As a person who has been mistaken for somebody else umpteen times, it’s hard to deny that it’s not fun sometimes. But hey! Enough about me. Let’s talk about the new lookalike who’s scorching Instagram with his likeness to teenage heartthrob, and pillow talker Zayn Malik. The hair, the tattoos, the smiles, the penchant for rings, and even the names; everything is so similar. 

Shyan Ranje (just a syllable difference in the name), is a stylist and junior editor at DaMan Magazine and Vulkan Magazine in Canada. And oh my, the similarity in looks is totally undeniable. The resemblance is so uncanny, and truth be told, quite stunning as well. You don’t believe us, do you?

Go ahead, we’ve got proof for our claims.

This is Shyan, the stylist. 


And this is our singing sensation, Zayn Malik


Confused, aren’t you? Maybe a few more photos would help? 

They timed the going bald decision together too! Yes, this is our doppelgänger. 


And this is Zayn. Still can’t figure out, eh?


Even half a face can scramble one’s brain.


What is this sorcery? 


Eyebrows, eyes, facial structure, even the freaking beard shape is the same!

Shyan’s Instagram

I don’t even know anymore! Wait I think, I do. But do you? 


And both of them are definitely super adorable when they smile.


Cuteness overload!


So much style similarities as well.




With so many similarities, if I ever see them hanging together, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t know who’s who. Will you?