1. Everyone knows everyone, if not by name then atleast by face.

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2. Your nightlife ends at 9 pm.

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3. Smiling and waving at random people is a habit.

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4. Thanks to empty roads, riding a two-wheeler is your favourite hobby.

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5. Dating options are way too limited.

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6. After a break-up, you often see your ex at some place or the other.

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7. Visiting relatives in big cities is a cultural shock for you.

8. You never have to care about safety in your hometown.

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9. You never lose touch with your childhood friends.

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10. You can literally look at the stars for hours.

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11. You don't really get it when people lock doors during the day.

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12. It is always a big deal if your photo comes in the newspaper. 

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13. If there is a problem, the whole town comes to your rescue.

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14. You are always thinking about moving to a big city to explore things.

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15. But when you do, you eventually miss your hometown.

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The good-ol' small-town life!