The moon will be completely eclipsed by the Earth across Friday night and Saturday morning, giving rise to a phenomena called 'Blood Moon' in the sky. 

Source: The Sun

This would be the longest blood moon we have witnessed in almost 100 years and will last for around one hour and 43 minutes. 

This eclipse will also be the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

Source: Forbes

What are the timings of the eclipse?

The penumbral eclipse will begin at 11:44 PM on Friday night (July 27) and will be followed by a partial eclipse at 11:54 PM.

Total eclipse will start at 1:00 AM (July 28) and will be most intense at 1:51 AM. The total eclipse will end at 2:43 AM, followed by partial eclipse at 3:49 AM. 

Source: Phys

The penumbral eclipse will end at 4:58 AM, thus ending the 6 hours and 14 minutes long eclipse.

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How to watch the eclipse?

It's safe to watch the eclipse with naked eyes after 11:44 PM. For the darkest eclipse and the best view, you can wait till 1:00 AM. 

While the eclipse will be very clear, it might be overshadowed by clouds, making it difficult to for the people to watch. 

Source: Business Insider

This is the second time total lunar eclipse is happening this year. 

The first time it happened on January 31 and that was the stunning celestial trifecta (total lunar eclipse, a blue moon and a super moon).

Source: India TV News

Happy moon watching tonight!