Must have been asking for it, must have dressed inappropriately, must have been acting like she wants it.

It is a sad reality that rape survivors still have to face such questions when they come out with their stories of being assaulted.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

In an effort to make people understand that it's NEVER the victims' fault, Delphine Goossens, a worker in prevention services took testimonies from the students of Kansas and recreated outfits rape survivors were wearing when they were violated.

Source: Twitter/Me Too Springfield

‏The results hit hard!

When you see the school uniform of a 6-year-old.

Source: Twitter/Me Too Springfield

When you see you see pyjamas.

When you see a jersey.

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A similar exhibition was held last year and it made news across the globe from bringing home a very important message.

Source: CCM – Centre Communautaire Maritime

While last year's exhibition was called Is It My Fault? This time it has been renamed to What Were You Wearing?

Source: CCM – Centre Communautaire Maritime

The exhibition ended today but it has made its point:

Clothes don't determine consent.