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Jul 24, 2017 at 20:10

These Are The Extreme Tests Men Have To Pass To Become Pornstars. It’s Way Harder Than You Thought

by Akancha Miharia

If you thought becoming a male porn star is the solution to all your financial problems in life, you couldn't be more wrong. It sure appears like a dream job, getting paid for having sex with hot girls! However, all that glitters is not gold and clearing the interview is one hell of an ordeal as explained to us by a Redditor named carnageeleven.

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They seem to have an insight into the business after their friend was offered a job as a male porn star with BangBros in Miami for $35,000 a year. TBH, the account doesn't really seem appealing.

For starters, size matters! They look for guys with an 8-9 inch dick and that alone knocks out a majority of the guys.

Even if that doesn't seem an issue to you, there's a lot of other stuff upcoming that will freak the best of you out. Here are some of the requirements.

Can get hard very quickly with little to no real stimulation. And you should be able to cum on command. You shouldn't have a problem with doing some things that might seem gay to most men. Rubbing your balls on another man's balls while DPing an actress is a pretty common thing. You have to have a professional portfolio. Modeling pics, maybe some experience, even if it's amateur.

Good luck with that! But the ball hasn't even started rolling yet!

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In the interview, you will have to get hard in front of an older dude within 30 seconds.

There may or may not be an actress there. She may or may not help you. As in, she'll allow you to look at her boobs (if you're a good looking dude she might even let you touch her. Nothing below the waist). You will be asked to masturbate for around 10-15 min, again... With no visual stimulation or anything. The director will tell you to cum. You have a minute, tops, to blow your load. You will be given 15 min to reset and then you must get erect again and be able to maintain an erection for another 10 minutes or so and then you will be asked to cum again. 30 seconds, they get very uninterested if you have trouble controlling your climax.
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There's no guarantee of a job even after all this harrowing pressure. The directors lose interest if you are not able to control your nut. You need to be able to get hard and cum on demand, as well as be able to aim with a ‘snipers precision’.

At the end of it, actually having sex is no fun either.

While filming a shoot, you are expected to stay erect while they change camera angles, chit chat about what the director wants, reapply the female actress' makeup, fuck around with lighting, etc. You've got you be able to fuck in very odd positions. For example, leg up doggy style, sideways shot from behind. Keep in mind they're looking for good shots of the woman and you're just a dick. It'll seem very awkward and uncomfortable. There are also about 12 people behind the camera during each scene, so no being modest.

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According to the Redditor, it helps if you are a bi as there are a lot of things you might be uncomfortable with otherwise.

You gotta be cool with some gay shit. If you're double teaming a girl and your dicks are touching while they're in her mouth that's something that you gotta stay hard through. If a guy blows a load and it gets on your leg or something, don't freak out. No one wants to reshoot if they don't have to. Remember, time is money. They're not in the business to lose money. It is possible you might have to suck a dick.

Yes, we know that escalated quickly. And no, the job doesn't seem appealing at all.

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