In a shocking move, the Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court has issued a notice to social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google for alleged "derogatory comments " made on a spoof page namely " Bombay High Court" 

According to a newspaper report, the page owner Aakash Shah and an independent blogger IK Chugani were accused of  "maligning" the judiciary's image and taking advantage of "doctrine of fair use". 

The bench also claimed that the spoof page was tarnishing the image of the court by publicly posting comments on various social media platforms.

Source: b"Screengrab of 'Bombay High court' spoof page\xc2\xa0"

The report further quotes the bench as saying that Shah had allegedly uploaded objectionable comments defaming the justice system. 

Sharing the newspaper report from the page, Aakash Shah expressed his shock on the reaction of the court. He further said that he had been getting a lot of positive feedback for his page ever since its inception. 

He justified his page posts by calling it humour but also apologised for offending people. He said,

''I have always believed that humour is the ultimate ammunition to beat all odds. It is indeed a coping mechanism for many like you and me.

Since the inception of this page, I have received more than a thousand messages from people, thanking me for putting a smile on their face and letting them make a momentary escape from their worries.

This has been a parody account all along and the same has always been clearly indicated on the page too. This was my attempt at humour by drawing references from everyday lives of common individuals.

My sincerest apologies to anyone who has been offended by this page''.

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