In association with Roposo

First things first, retail therapy is real. Sometimes just pampering yourself with something nice and new could feel so good. And it’s okay to invest in pieces for your wardrobe every once in a while. However, there are a bunch of issues that come with online shopping like tricky delivery dates and irrelevant products. Amidst all of this, I had been hearing about Roposo and wanted to try it out. It’s not easy to find so many unique collections under one roof, but Roposo took care of it.

 And honestly, it was such a great experience. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. All the latest trends in one place? YES.

Roposo has a lot of different quirky Indian brands like Darzi and Oxolloxo. They have a great collection of clothes and accessories. Darzi has been doing a great job with bringing the right touch of western outfits in the Indian climate, especially with their bodycon dresses and peasant-sleeved outfits, I mean look at this dress!

2. The interface was pretty fun to use!

I didn’t have to endlessly scroll through hundreds of products to find the one that I like, it’s literally so boring. But not on Roposo. The best part about it was the product-tagged videos where you can shop the look across brands and categories like shoes, dresses, menswear, ethnic, etc. Unlike some other shopping sites where the clothes are all out of fashion and irrelevant in the current scenario, Roposo really kicked it up a notch by also having very cool influencer clothes that you can spot on their socials.

3. Versatility for the win.

And lastly, the collection is very versatile. No matter what aesthetic, body type, occasion, or style you are looking for, you will find it on Roposo. It caters to all types of fashion items you can think of. From floral dresses, to cool unisex t-shirts and pretty handmade necklaces, they have EVERYTHING. Check out this lovely necklace I had my heart set on. You also find a bunch of other collections like gym wear, gadgets, and cool accessories.

4. And the hassle-free exchanges!

I saw none of those threatening ‘no-return/exchange’ policies. I absolutely cannot shop from stores that don’t issue refunds or exchanges even if they send wrong or faulty items. Here you can also use the COD option, unlike most shopping sites these days. So it’s pretty safe to shop on Roposo. Also, a major perk is free shipping! The hefty shipping charges after you’ve already splurged make your wallet cry, and Roposo has taken care of that. Hence, free shipping!

5. It catered to my broke-ness.

As satisfying as retail therapy can get, it’s also an expensive affair. But here, I found pretty good deals. The clothes were affordable and also had great discounts. Roposo also has a bunch of great home decor stuff which are listed at great prices. So you might wanna check that out too. Some of the pieces (like this one) were a total steal. Win-win.

In all, I would recommend checking out the app if you like shopping and want a better all-round experience. Shop all the cool stuff here!