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My mornings are usually very chilled out and easygoing until I have to open my wardrobe. Mountains of clothes from my over-stuffed closet come crashing down and trying to stop the avalanche feels like trying to solve those impossible mysteries of life. Then, of course, I realize I’m running late for work, so I salvage my pride, fish out anything from the pile obliviously and make a run for it.

If you’re someone who also experiences the kapdon-ka-volcano erupting every day, here are some totally relatable excuses we give when we’re trying with our dear lives to hold on to our precious clothes. 

1. “I will fit into it again, I swear”

For those who have held onto that pair of denim from God-knows-when, this excuse is as much a sham as elaichi in biryani. If you could, you would, but you’re not doing much about it anyway, so is this really your excuse?


2. “But it’s brand new. I haven’t even removed the tag!”

Exactly. You bought that shirt just to become the bargain champ of your group. So stop convincing yourself to like it. ‘Cause you won’t. Period.

Stay At Home Mum

3. “But it’s soooo comfy!”

True, but it’s also that oversized pair of jammies that your mother would kill to never see you wearing in public. Seriously, what’s the point of keeping it in the wardrobe like a prized possession when you can’t even wear it?


4. “I might need it… y’know, just in case!”

Okay, here’s a question. How many times did Joey wear Phoebe’s maternity pants? Point being, these ‘just-in-case’ clothes genuinely make up for the most useless ones in our cupboards.


5. “I really feel it’ll come back in style.”

Admit it, by the time this gone-out-of-style dress makes a comeback, you’d have forgotten about it and might have already head on to the store to shop for a new one. So, what’s your excuse now?


6. “There are a lot of memories attached to this one.”

Still owning that ten-year-old frock because that’s what you wore on your first stage performance? And wearing it on a random day just to revisit memories is NOTa good enough reason to keep it.


7. “I’m going to DIY it into something fun”

Heard, understood and acknowledged! But are you going to do it anytime soon? Considering how your clothes are slowly gathering cobwebs, here’s hoping that you finally find the motivation. If not, let’s shelve this excuse once and for all.

College Candy

If you’re wondering why I’m sharing these excuses while being a hoarder myself, it’s because I’ve finally found a way (Yass, queen!). #MyntraFashionUpgrade is here from the 21st to 24th of November. This means that you can give away your old clothes, earn Myntra points and get yourself a trendy wardrobe! Sounds great, no? Well, there’s more, your precious contribution will be made towards the voluntary organization, Goonj. So, instead of adding on to that pile, make good use of these three days and gift those clothes to the ones who actually need them. Could it BE more awesome?