When even walking on sky high heels is a bit of a challenge for us, mere mortals, imagine stumbling, falling and then, getting right back on the runway!

Well, that is exactly what, Chinese model, Ming Xi ended up doing during this year’s Victoria Secret runway show in Shanghai last night.

And while most of us would have panicked at the sheer embarrassment of it all, Ming Xi graced the audience with a dazzling smile instead – one that was confident enough to distract them from the hazardous fall!

Even though the fall landed her on her knees, she got up and got moving, without another falter in her step or her confidence. 

Naturally then, Twitter was full of praise for the way Ming handled her fall: 

What was also admirable was the helping hand offered by model Gizele Oliveira, who was next in line. 

And anyway, if we can fall in sports shoes on a flat floor, stumbling on the runway in high heels is totally acceptable, right?