Your influencer friend simply started posting videos on social media for fun, but now it’s taken off, and they’re even profiting from it? If you’re wondering how and trying to decode things then know that it’s not rocket science.

You only need some guidance (and a few hacks) to get your social media game on track, and that’s where Good Creator Academy comes in.

US Chamber of Commerce

Sachin Bhatia, CEO and Co-Founder of, and experts from Good Creator Co. team together to present a thorough course on video commerce, including how to kick off, advertise products, and make big bucks.

good creator academy

Sachin Bhatia is also regarded as one of India’s foremost experts on the creative ecosystem.

It is a super interactive session where you’ll also get the chance to ask all those questions your friends deemed silly and also have a Fireside chat with none other than Vinay Kuyya.

Brownie points! This course will give you an opportunity to get selected as a MyGlamm creator!

The course will be held on 04 June 2022. You can sign up for the same here.