It is no secret that India is obsessed with fair skin. No wonder the Indian market for fairness creams stands at a worth of Rs 3000 Crores (approximately)!

Designer Ayush Kejriwal is trying to challenge this notion of ‘Fair is beautiful’ with his work. While talking to Scoopwhoop, Ayush said:

“It is assumed that to be a model you need to be fair and skinny because that makes you pretty. But that is not true. I want to work with models of all skin tones and sizes because who even decides what is beautiful? Dusky women are often told they cannot wear bright colours but I want to dress up dusky models in beautiful, bright colours. The idea is that you can wear whatever makes you happy.”

Here are some of his beautiful designs that prove you don’t need to be fair to wear bright colours:

You see how beauty has so many definitions?

All photos via Ayush Kejriwal.