Passion can make you crazy innovative at times and Zach Both is living proof of this. This is not your everyday 23-year-old and one peep into his van will tell you why. Both's converted an old van into a work space where this upcoming filmmaker puts his creativity to work. Zach Both is traveling the United States looking for compelling stories. He built this van to suit his work and nomadic lifestyle. The idea, he says, is to meet different people who have different views of the world. Here are some pictures of his van cum studio cum apartment.


 The before...

...And the after.

A work station he can take anywhere he pleases. 

And it comes with the choicest of views.



 Both wishes to document the varying perspectives of various people around the United States.



He even created a manual called the Vanuel, hoping to help those who'd want to install a stove, folding bed and other amenities.