A debt-ridden man in Kerala was willing to sell the house that he built eight months ago for ₹40 lakhs in order to pay off his ₹50 lakhs debt, but Lady Luck had other plans. In a classic twist of events, Lady Luck took his side and he won a ₹1 crore lottery, just hours before he sold his house off.

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Mohammed Bava, a 50-year-old painter from Kerala’s Kozhikode, was willing to sell off his house for a loss and move to a rented home in order to pay off his debts and reduce his stress. With five children, Bava was under massive debt after a wedding, the construction of this house, and after he sent money to his son in Qatar.

Bava had been buying lottery tickets hoping luck favours him at least once. On Sunday, the family was waiting for the buyer of the house when Bava went out and bought four state-run lottery tickets. On the same afternoon at 3 PM when the lottery was drawn, Bava found out that he had hit the jackpot. Later at 5 PM when the broker came to his place with the buyer, Bava backed out of the deal.

The news went viral and Twitteratis are amazed.

Speaking to The New Indian Express, an overjoyed Bava said, “I just managed to save our house. I still cannot believe it.” After tax deductions, Bava will receive ₹63 lakhs. Lotteries are legal only in a few Indian states.