Even though it has made life tremendously easy for us, the internet can be a hell of a cruel place sometimes. Things go viral, and without knowing the person or the actual reality, we, the general public 'share' things without realising the actual truth behind them. So let this be yet another lesson about being judgmental, and how everything you see is not the absolute truth.

A few days ago, a video trended on the internet about a woman cashier who was very slow at delivering her duties. Somebody chose to make a video out of it (just another normal thing these days) and posted it on the internet with a trolling caption that tagged her as the 'fastest cashier in the world'. A sarcastic jibe at the inability of the person to match up to the needed standards of speed. 

The video received over 14 million views and 200,000 shares. She was mocked and trolled immensely, but as are things with the internet, nobody bothered to find out why she is the way she is.

This inspiring lady goes by the name Premalata Shinde and human rights activist, Kundan Srivastava, took to Facebook to explain why the woman could not live up to the speedy standards of the person who took her video. It should bow our heads in shame and is anything but mock-worthy.

In conversation with ScoopWhoop, Mr. Srivastava says,

I've revealed the truth, those who are saying that it is an offence to work slowly and that she must be replaced because of customers issues, let me tell them that every work and nature has a process. You were born in 9 months.  I've realised that some people have a 'senior citizens ko nikaal do ..bahar kar do' attitude. Please remember your parents are a part of those people too. 

A widow, whose son works abroad, Ms. Shinde is an employee of the Bank of Maharashtra, Pune. She has suffered two heart attacks and a stroke of paralysis and has resumed her job after a very long period of medical leave. Even though she still has a long period of medical leaves she could avail, she chooses to work and retire with honour in the year 2017. The internet never received a medal for honesty, so don't blindly believe all you see.

Source: YouTube

Bravery and honour don't always barge in with trumpets. Sometimes it's the quiet honour and sense of independence that one carries inside. So every time you wrinkle your nose at an old person in front who's not walking fast enough, or seems to be too hurried or too slow at the metro, or anywhere, remember- old age will come to you too. You will definitely want karma to be kind to you then, do your bit now.

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