There's been a whole host of brain busters and temple tweakers flooding the internet lately, from dresses with a penchant for confusing the colourfully inclined to pandas hiding in plain sight among a clowder of cats. That's not to say that these games aren't fun though, or at least strangely addictive. What with this trend becoming a thing, there's a new guessing game that's joining the party, and it's frying minds like nobody's business.

Take a gander at the image below. There's a poor old dead dude lying slap bang in the middle of the sidewalk. You've got 60 seconds to figure out who the killer is.

Source: Funlook

Having a tough time? Well so is everyone else! That's right, you're not special! Just messing, but in all seriousness, this home-made crime scene investigation has a whole lot of suspects, and everyone's got a different take on things.

According to one keen observer, "The guy in white suit is walking away in haste - his position indicates that he takes long steps and he has just turned to avoid bumping into the Asian lady in the pink blouse. Moreover, his whole hand is wrapped in white fabric to avoid residues of gunpowder on his skin."

Someone else claimed it was, "the guy who took the picture. because he is elevated." While one guy suggested it was John Cena, so we'll never actually find the damn killer. 

Either way, this one's a tough nut to crack, so if you guys have any theories/answers/musings, let us know in the comments!