Ek tu hi bharosa, ek tu hi sahara 

These words are dedicated to our one and only saviour The Almighty Maggi 

Now that lockdown has been extended, it's about time we learnt some (more) new Maggi recipes.

 1. Egg Bhurji Maggi 

Source: Maggi

Goodness of Maggi with some ande ka funa. Find the recipe here

2. Maggi Sandwich 

Source: Shri and Sam

Enough of bread butter, try this for a change. Find the recipe here

3. Tomato Maggi 

Source: Zayka Recipes

We're always ready for some tamatar maggi. Find the recipe here

4. Creamy Spinach and Corn Maggi 

Source: Maggi

Popeye approves. Find the recipe here

5. Maggi Pakoda 

Source: Hungry Forever

Make some chai and treat yourself with this. Find the recipe here

6. Soupy Maggi 

Source: Crimson Spice

A recipe to slurp on. Find the recipe here

7. Chilli Maggi 

Source: Dhaba Style

This Indo-Chinese Maggi will take away your lockdown blues. Find the recipe here

8. Tadka Masala Maggi 

Source: Whisk Affair

Desi tadka makes any recipe extra special. Find the recipe here

9. Cream Cheese Maggi 

Source: You Tube

The yummiest Maggi preparation ever! Find the recipe here

10. Chicken Maggi 

Source: Hungry Forever

Chicken-Shiken is always welcome. Find the recipe here

11. Italian Maggi 

Source: Whisk Affair

In the mood to try something fancy? Find the recipe here

Writing this has given us major hunger pangs. BRB, going to whip up some Maggi.