We all love a hot cuppa coffee. And what’s better than a hot cuppa is a hot cuppa with some cool 3D art on it!

3D latte art is a thing and these photos will tell you why:

1. Aren’t these cheeks the cutest to play with? 

Tried to recreate @kyoffee’s shiba inu but in 3D! (don’t worry my hands were clean haha)

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2.  I really wouldn’t want to drink these 4 adorable buddies. 

#3DLatteArt #LatteArt #☕️ #ラテアート

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3. Such innocence

When life gets you down, do you wanna know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming

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4. This one just wants to jump out and play

5.  Imagine the effort that would have gone into making this one! 

6. A minion!

it’s a MINIon

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7. Such perfection. Much wow. 

hidup itu kadang di atas kadang di bawah jadi ” kalem weh ” bersabar 🙏 selamat pagi…

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8. Fascinating, ain’t it?

9. Puppies having a little bath together 

10. Even the dog agrees about how adorable they are.

11. The mischievous one

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12. Adding colors to our lives

13. Where can I get one of these!?

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