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Trying to lead a healthy life is just a nightmare, especially if you’re living on your own. How can you expect me to say goodbye to my Monday momos and Tuesday tacos. And once you become health conscious you see the world differently. But while we have all been bidding goodbyes left right and centre, it’s not time yet to say goodbye to great taste! When it comes to conscious beverages, Coke Zero has literally been the OG for sometime now. And boy, are we thankful!

The fitness journey is a tough journey, mate. We’ve all been there, or at least tried to get there. So crack open a health conscious beverage, (wink wink) and check out these 6 things every person health conscious will relate to. 

1. Your sleep schedule is supposed to be Timotheé Chalamet!

Perfect, I meant perfect! Your sleep schedule is the ultimate definition of perfection when you choose to live a fitter life. However, all the drama, parties, binge watching, and aimless scrolling seem too enticing to be missed. Wait, did you just miss another two hours of rest thinking about fixing your sleep? (It’s okay, really…) 

2. You ask for Coke Zero everywhere you go. 

To you, self indulgence is a trap to test your self control. Be it a cheesecake or a cornchip, you just struggle not go overboard with indulgence. (And your friends play the lead role in ruining your diet.) But with Coke Zero, you can indulge all you want in the great taste without a second thought and thus, that is all you ask for wherever you go. 

3. All your math skills come from counting calories.

Your friends might call you obsessed at this point and that’s okay. You spend an ungodly span of time calculating nutrition values. You’re slightly tired of it, aren’t you? The only thing you’re getting out of this, is the math skill. Because, well, everything is cake and you love it too much to resist. 

4. You tend to try balancing your meals more than your life!

A balanced diet is the key to a fit lifestyle and you know it. It gets really difficult when one has to practice eating healthy all the time though. It seems like you put all your energy into healthy eating and end up ordering a pizza for dinner. Well, at least there’s always a good old can of Coke Zero to balance the cheese out… 

5. Movie night is a piece of ca…Kale chip for you!

Recreation and snacks go hand in hand. But you just feel out of place with your sad pack of kale chips. So, while your friends gobble up tubs of cheese popcorn and milkshakes, you’re stuck with your pack of green goodness. (Life and its struggles get us big time, don’t they?) 

6. Cheat day guilt is killing you.

Do you run to your “effortlessly fit” friend everytime you cheat? Really, cheat day guilt is the worst nightmare and there’s no way out of it (except for ice-cream). And so, the loop of stressing over cheat days and cheating again to cope with stress proves to be the ultimate obstacle to you. (Hang in there bud, you’ve got this.) 

Well, it takes quite a bit of effort to choose fitness over great food. All we can say is kudos to you for trying. Successful or not, your little steps towards fitness deserve a treat. And what better to give yourself a pat on the back than a refreshing can of Coke Zero? So health freak or not, you’ll always have the great taste of Coke Zero to sit back and enjoy!