A’ight! I’m a Chinese Indian who was born and brought up in India.  

And, I just wanted to tell you guys that even though we all love Chinese food, you’ve been pronouncing the names of certain Chinese dishes all wrong. I understand that a lot of people don’t have a true blue, Kung-Fu China-man to correct you all the time, but fear not! I’m here now and I’m going to drop some knowledge for y’all! 

Here is a list of Chinese dishes that you’ve been mispronouncing all these years and I won’t stand for it anymore, I think I’ll take a seat instead. *ahem*

And just as a bonus, here’s one last word. It’s not a dish but it deserves to be up on this list just because it’s terribly mispronounced! 

The next time you order Chinese food, always remember there might be a Chinese dude waiting for you to mess up!