Swiggy’s Sixth StatEATstics Report, which I like to call the annual khana khazana report, is out. Here, not only people’s food habits are evaluated, but the food is ranked too. So, this is like the board exams of food. Let’s find out what turned out to be ‘food of the year’ for the annual session of 2021.

The Hindu

Turns out, Chicken Biryani was the most ordered food sixth year in running, which isn’t surprising anymore since this is that topper kid in class everyone expects to win. Chicken Biryani topped the charts in Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Lucknow.

For people who love Veg Biryani, it was voted 4.3 times less than its chicken counterpart. Also, veg biryani is called pulao.

The second place goes to Pav Bhaji, with 2.1 million votes. I always considered Pav Bhaji to be an underdog and I am a sucker for underdogs. Good on you pav bhaji.


Samosa came out as the clear winner for the most binged snack with 5 million votes. I mean, a crispy samosa is a snacc, pun intended.  For desserts, gulab jamun beat rasmalai to first place. It’s okay rasmalai, you’re still a winner in my eyes. 


Even with all the food binging, turns out Bengaluru is the most health-conscious city followed by Mumbai and Hyderabad. Bengaluru’s top dish was Masala Dosa and Mumbai chose Dal Khichri, which was completely unexpected. Delhi’s most ordered dish was Dal Makhani, which is so typical.


I am ready to binge on all these food items.