I bet you’ve also been witness to those crazy many items that totally catch your interest and make you ask the waiter Excuse me, ye *insert awesome dish name their marketing team came up with* mei kya hoga exactly?”

These are most probably some form of a desi-phoren food mash-up that some gastronomical genius (or not) has come up with in the kitchen. 

But the funny part is how some of them may sound cray but actually taste pretty amazing. And if you doubt my word, go check these out some time. 

1. Naanza

Naan + Pizza = happiness but carbs (but happiness). Looks like someone took that parantha pizza ad by Kissan very seriously. Just as well, at least our tummies are happy. 


2. Tandoori Chicken Sushi

You would think the Japanese are cringing right about now, but this amalgamation works for a lot of people. Talk about experimentation max!


3. Butter Chicken Pasta

Because, why not. If we can stomach butter chicken pizza, what harm can be butter chicken pasta eh?


4. Paneer Tacos

Let’s just be honest here. Our vegetarian friends can’t really be kept away from the pleasures of Mexican food, the Indian way, eh? Therefore: enter paneer tacos. 


5. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Okay. I must admit, I was really not convinced when I read about this but trust you me, this one you don’t want to miss. Just go with it.


6. Pizza Dosa

Ab naan ke saath kar liya so why not with the dosa as well, no? Italians might feel left out. Move over Mysore masala, we have a new kid on the block!


7. Dal Chawal Arancini

In Italy, Arancini are stuffed rice balls, coated with breadcrumbs and then fried. In India, they are paraphernalia for experimentation. All hail dal-chawal arancini. 


8. Honey Chilli Potato 

The bread-and-butter of vegetarian Chinese appetisers, this one is actually not a Chinese invention. Sorry to break your Punjabi-Chinese bubble. 


9. Ferrero Rocher Golgappas

Yes, you read that right. Your evergreen favourite chocolate now comes as a golgappa. An absolute must-try, because how can we ever say no to Ferrero Rocher in any form?


10. Tandoori Momos

This one caught on like wildfire eh? Just like how it tastes in your mouth. I imagine the Tibetans will be quite impressed with the variations we have brought to their invention. 


11. Chowmein Samosa

You would think that this is a mainstream item, what with it being so available. Chowmein stuffing is actually quite yummy, in fact. But more importantly does this mean that ab Raja shaalu ka nahi rahega?


12. Chocolate Parantha

Quite self-explanatory, and quite an amazing meal if I may add. Dessert, anyone?


13. Ghewar Tart

The Rajasthani sweet meets French dessert, in a very Indian way. But let’s just be honest here, a small portion never really is enough, is it? More tarts! 


14. Ice Cream Momos

An entire ice cream scoop inside a momo? Yes, please! Expect a lot of chocolate as well. 


15. Ratatouille Bhaji

That french vegetable stew has been bhaji-fied lads and ladies, and also served with focaccia buns. Such globalisation, much drool. 


Are your brain and tongue intrigued enough? Well then, experiment away!