There’s no denying that India has one of the best cuisines in the world. More so, because we have a vast variety of food here. Right from the blend of sweetness in Gujarati thalis to the spices of Punjab. But we’re also not really keen on experimenting much.

Like when you’re travelling abroad, so many of us would resort to Indian food than explore a different kind of cuisine native to the country we’re visiting. We would always search for an Indian restaurant in a foreign land. Then there are those arguments that foreign food is bland, namak nahi hai, and so on. And while resorting to comfort food is okay, it surely has opened up a debate on Twitter.

Apparently, Twitter user @badassflowerbby shared how Indians are ‘absurdly attached to the Indian taste’ so much so that they’d want Indian food even while vacationing abroad.

While some people believe that the true experience of travel includes experiencing culture through native food (which makes sense TBH), others think it’s better to opt for the usuals than go for something that may or may not satisfy our taste buds.

Take a look at what people are saying.

You see, the line is grey here. We have our different preferences. But the belief that only our food is the best could play a role in holding you back from experiencing another country. Especially if word-of-mouth has been the basis of your opinion. But as they say, each to their own.

Which kind of traveller are you? Would you like to experiment and explore or stick to Indian food wherever you go?