I hate kadhi chawal. There, I said it. I just think that it’s a weird dish. Aren’t pakoras supposed to be crispy? Why the hell would someone drown them in gravy and eat soggy little balls?

We, desis, give way too much attention to many of such overrated dishes and cuisines. Here are some people revealing the most over-hyped food items that are being served across our country. Ready? Let’s see!

1. "Poha. It's so dry. How can someone swallow it in the morning?"

2. "Soan Papdi. Why would anyone want to eat threads?"

3. "Butter chicken. I mean it's good, but I'm not fond that it's the dish a lot of people associate to good desi food, especially when there is so much better food there."

4. "South Indian rice-based food like dosa, idli and vada."

5. "Those 'instagramable' burgers and burritos that are all covered in melted cheese. Don’t cover things with liquid cheese. Drink it, coward."

6. "Rasgulla. Feels like eating rubber."

7. "Rajma. Never liked how it tasted."

8. "I've never been much of a biryani fan. Pulao is where it's at."

9. "Gold covered anything is a waste of money and the definition of superfluous excess since it doesn't add flavour and wastes the gold."

10. "Activated charcoal anything."

11. "Chaat. Majority of things involving yoghurt, such as dahi vade."

12. "Any burger that is too big to pick up and bite. If I have to dismantle it, it's not a burger."

Which dish do you think is overrated? Let us know in the comments.