We won’t be surprised if you are someone who has to choose between scrambled eggs + bagels with cream cheese or a cheesy pasta + a huge bowl of salad for breakfast. Because, even if all your happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast, we always thought eating breakfast twice was never a healthy option.

Thanks to Science, you can now eat two breakfasts in a day and forget about gaining weight. In fact, it helps you in losing weight. 

*Happiness is out of control*

Marlene Schwartz, of the University of Connecticut’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, decided to check if eating breakfast at home and then re-upping at school a few hours later really make kids obese? According to the study, “it is not children who indulge twice, but those who skip breakfast altogether, who are more likely to be overweight.”

“It’s not like these kids are eating two breakfasts of donuts… School breakfasts are very healthy. It’s fruit and low-fat dairy and whole grains. So you could almost think of it as a healthy snack.”

*Happiness under control*

“Schwartz and her team followed students from 12 schools from fifth grade to seventh grade and recorded how many breakfasts they ate and their weight. 

Though the study ultimately proves that worries about obesity were misplaced, Schwarz also says that only 1 in 10 of her subjects even ate two to begin with.” 

“Overall, the kids that ate two did better health wise than those that skipped meals.”

Makes sense. If you eat breakfast twice, it will not only kickstart the metabolism but also keep your lunch and dinner in check. 

No, seriously, eat breakfast. Twice.