Good food is a magical thing. It lifts you up when you’re down, it gets you over the rigours of the day, it combines perfectly with almost any activity. As important as the taste of the food is though, presentation also makes a big difference, which is why it’s a whole different trip to eat something that looks like something else. If you don’t catch my drift, check out the dishes below, all of which have been disguised to look like other foods and confuse your palate. 

Verjus in Egg by Heston Blumenthal

This is actually made of coconut pannacotta, a verjus egg yolk and a chocolate egg shell.

This dish by the master chef might look like a hard-boiled egg on top of rice noodles, but it’s so much more than that. Consisting of a coconut pannacotta, a verjus egg yolk, and a multi-layered chocolate egg shell, this dish requires almost a 100 different steps to make!

Meat Fruit by Heston Blumenthal

This dish that looks like a tangerine is actually made of mandarin jelly and chicken liver mousse. 

Another of his signature dishes, the Meat Fruit looks like a shiny tangerine, but is something else entirely. It’s made out of tart mandarin jelly and chicken liver mousse.

This might look like a whole lotta glazed ham, but it’s actually just cake!

This looks like a hoagie, but it’s actually a brilliant cake by Debbie Goard!

Watermelons? Nah. Cake again!

A cruel trick to get your kids to eat healthy. Soup disguised as pie!

Thanksgiving turkey cake! Looks delish!

Watermelon cake really seems to be the flavour of the season.

Your favourite cold pops? Think again!

Source: Dailymail

It’s cake foo!

Source: Dailymail

Vegetable cake? This is why I have trust issues.

Source: Today

Source: Today

If you want to try out something similar, hit up the Taverna Hofmann restaurant in Barcelona. They’ve got gazpacho disguised as tomatoes, desserts that look like eggs and a whole lot more. Check out a video of their crazy creations from Insider below!

My taste buds! They’re befuddled!