We often miss out on the fact that no work is less. And hence, everyone deserves an appropriate acknowledgement for the same – in terms of respect and money. However, that doesn’t always happen. We’ve come across a lot of stories and incidents lately, where delivery executives shared about their challenges and working condition in the country, which also includes the salary that they’re paid.

And, here’s how much delivery executives earn in different cities:

1. “For part-time, they are paying ₹200 per day as minimum guarantee amount and if in case you somehow manage to earn more than ₹200 by orders, then they would pay the same money which is higher between ₹200 and the amount you earned. For example, yesterday I did 6 orders even then my total earning was below ₹200 – it was ₹194, so they paid ₹200 as minimum guarantee.”


2. “This is the latest earning history of Kochi, Kerala. For different states and circles, they have different incentive schemes and payout structure. I work as a part-timer. But if you are a part-timer, earning opportunity is around like ₹300 to ₹500 per day, post all expenses, including daily and weekly incentives.”


3. “All the information was shared to me by the delivery guy, when he came to deliver food to me in Pune. He shared the same – ₹45/delivery + ₹30/hour + ₹200 bonus if they work 8 hours in a day + ₹50 bonus if they work 5 hours at a stretch.


4. “According to the norm, salaries at one of the food delivery companies are quite interesting along with good incentives. The per month salary is ₹12,500, and the per order commission is ₹17.”
– Saba Sultana, Hyderabad


5. “In Ahmedabad, a delivery boy earns ₹25 per delivery by bike and ₹18 per delivery by cycle. Also, the incentive and rating earnings are extra.”


6. “In Vijayawada, for each order they are getting ₹30. Like that, they can perform any number of orders in a day. They also provide some delivery targets to all the boys. If they reach the target, they will recieve some bonus amount.”

ET Retail

7. “Earning differs in different locations. In metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc., the earnings are high. But in other places, it’s average. On an average, delivery executives in metro cities earn around ₹20K for full-time and around ₹12K–15K for part-time. This can go up to ₹30K per month also, with some more efforts.”


8. “I joined a food delivery company in July 2018, at Chennai. The office was located in temple tower Nandanam, near Saidapet Chennai. For Saturday, they paid ₹800 normally, no matter, if you were able to complete your order or not. For Sunday, ₹1600 was paid compulsorily. On working extra, you will be paid extra money.”

The News Minute

9. “In Visakhapatnam, we have to complete a minimum of 6 orders, and then we get paid, a sum of ₹800 per day. After completing 14 orders, an incentive of ₹60 per order is issued.”

ET Tech

After all, money does matter.