Women have been making great strides to achieve equality in an otherwise male-dominated world. 

And while a lot of them hold important jobs of CEOs and astronauts, the true gap cannot be filled till women get opportunities to position themselves in every job. 

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Well, let’s just say that the first few steps in that direction have already been taken.

Most notably, by Chennai’s Jayalaxmi, who recently became the city’s first delivery woman to ride on her two-wheeler and deliver food at doorsteps. 


While not skeptical to ride a bike and hound the city following her ambitions, until a few days ago, she was unable to use the Google Maps and had barely any idea about the routes of Alwarpet; the region she was assigned. 

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But she caught up quickly during her training period. 

When she had interviewed for the position at Swiggy, the company was not hiring any female employees for the said job. But three months later, she received a job letter and it has not been the same since then. 

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Jayalaxmi, who is a mother of two, now works from noon till 5:30 PM. 

According to The Quint, Jayalaxmi admits that she drew mixed reactions from people at first. Most of them thought her to be customer care and were surprised to find out that she was a delivery executive. 

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Jayalakshmi has proved that food delivery is not a ‘man’s job’ and that women need to be included in every sector of our economy.