We all have that one favourite dish that we just can’t get enough of. For some it’s pizza, burger, chicken curry, tandoori chicken and for some it’s a plateful of pasta, the appetizing dish that fits perfectly as a meal and as a snack. On that note, here are some pictures of pasta that you just won’t be able to resist. 

1. When you want to eat something that’s not too heavy…

2. When cheese and pasta are your best friends…

3. Mac ‘n’ Cheese pasta for the hungry soul.

4. Give your partner a sweet surprise with a bowl of…

5. Gorgeous to look at and delicious to taste!

6. The one thing that can make my mouth water. 

7. Want to eat healthy? Here’s a simple spinach sauce pasta you can make. 

8. Spaghetti pasta with blue cheese and chicken? A thousand times yes! 

9. Weekend dinner dilemmas sorted!

10. A soul-soothing plate of pasta is exactly what you need right now. 

11. Because you just can’t get enough of pasta overloaded with cheese. 

12. Jab khana ho kuch sasta, have a bowl of pasta. 

13. Ready to devour this dish?

14. Pasta with grilled chicken? Havenly combination. 

15. Because a happy stomach equals a happy heart. 

16. I could eat this everyday. 

17. Yummy bhi, healthy bhi

18. I can’t stop staring at this plate full of pasta and happiness. 

19. Just the thing I need on cold winter evenings. Slurp!

20. Can’t say no to this. 

*Goes to the kitchen to make a bowlful of tasty pasta*