It is said that during the French revolution, people fought over bread. 

The times have changed now and they fight over Nutella. 

IB Times

In an attempt to attract more people to the store, a supermarket chain in France decided to give 70% discount on everyone’s favourite, Nutella, but the move backfired when the crowd became violent and people starting hurting each other. 


Things turned so bad that the police had to be called in to take the situation under control. 

In an interview given to CNN, an employee of the store, said, “It was a real disaster, 200 people were outside waiting for the supermarket’s opening”.


Meanwhile, Nutella’s manufacturer Ferrero tweeted that the discount was offered unilaterally and the company condemns the consequences of such offers. 

Surprising to see the kind of length people can go for a jar of Nutella!