Whoever said ‘distance makes hearts grow fonder’ was so damn right.

Of all the things this lockdown has done to us, one of them is separating us from our fave yummy street food. With each passing day, our craving for street food is only increasing.

While we adhere to the lockdown rules and stay at home, here’s some pictures of finger-licking street food I would hop on to, once this phase comes to an end.

Starting with the all-time fave Chole Bhature…

… and Chole Kulche…


… to hot and spicy Pao Bhaji, street food has all our love.

Nothing can beat the thele vala desi-style Chowmein.

And no, do not even get me started on Pani Puri.

I won’t be able to control myself and neither will any of you.

Pani Puri ki baat ho aur chaat ko bhool jaaye, aise kaise?

Aur end mein jo dahi papdi khaate hai woh bhi toh.

Look at this delicious Chicken Korma, don’t you feel it’s missing you as much as you do?

The joy of desi-style Pasta overflowing with sauce is unmatched. You only get it on streets.

How can I not got to eat those kathi rolls where you have 20s to choose from?

Don’t tell me you don’t wanna run to that tapri to have chai and pakore.

Sach sach batana samose khaaye hue kitne din hue? I’m sure we all are missing them badly.

Not to forget these crispy and crunchy bread pakoras. Although we can make them at home, but maza nahi aayega.

Now, this is love. Vada Pav served with fried green chilly.

The craving to eat everything is so much that I’d rather go for something like this…

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… Or maybe, satiate those Shawarma cravings…

… and then head to eat garma garam Jalebis.

No matter how full you are, you cannot say no to this plate full of Honey Chilli Potato.

Neither can you follow that damn diet when you see this Gravy Manchurian with Noodles.

Oh! I so miss this samosa chaat. Snacking feels incomplete without this.

This pic of Bedmi Puri breakfast will make you want to get out on the streets right away.

Tell me honestly, Momos khane ki craving jyada hai ya bae se milne ki?

One more picture because heroes deserve more.

If you are a fan of Kebabs, you’ll hate me for doing this to you.

One cannot return without eating Falooda and I know none of us will.

Paan ki shops bhi toh bandh hai. Khulegi to khayiega jarur.

I know how badly we want this lockdown to end.

It’s not just about food, it’s about staying safe and strong so that we can overcome.