If you are a regular at Starbucks, then this is definitely for you. The coffeehouse is a go-to place for those who love having a good ambience while sipping their piping-hot, high-quality brew inside it, and of course, for those who can afford to have it. Other than this, people also visit Starbucks for free Wi-Fi, to attend meetings, hang out with friends, or meet their dates.

Source: Starbucks India/Twitter

Now that we are talking about Starbucks, someone apparently ordered its coffee online and got the beverage delivered at the address of the coffeehouse. You ask, why? ‘Coz of huge price difference.

A Twitter user, @SandeepMall, shared the incident in which he claimed that the ‘Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew’ coffee that he wished to order was priced at ₹400 at the outlet. However, when the user checked it on Zomato, he noticed that the beverage was costing him around ₹200, half the price of the coffee at Starbucks. The user ordered it online at the same address, and the delivery valet picked up his coffee from there and gave it to him on the table.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. Source: Starbucks

“Sitting at Starbucks – coffee for 400. Zomato deal for same coffee 190. Ordered Zomato with address of Starbucks. The Zomato guy picks up and gives me to my table at Starbuck (sic),” the tweet reads.

Here’s the tweet in discussion:

The Twitter user shared a screenshot of the order in quote tweet. The picture features ‘Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew’ which is priced at ₹199 after taxes. Going by the screenshot, the order was placed at Starbucks Coffee, Sector 12, Faridabad.

Here’s the picture:

Here’s how Twitter is reacting to this alleged incident:

While some netizens loved this strategy, a few of them shared their own experiences of playing such tricks.

Contrary to the aforementioned tweets, some netizens felt otherwise.

A Twitter user called it a ‘fake tweet’ claiming Starbucks doesn’t allow outside food and drinks.

Have you ever tried this technique of saving money?