If you’re a vegetarian, the next time you go out for a night of food and booze, you might want to remember this:

A staggering 69% of ‘vegetarians’ eat meat when they are under the influence of alcohol, according to a survey by Voucher Codes Pro. Now, may be you were nicely buzzed and really did not know that paneer starter, instead had been a chicken one; happens sometimes. But there is also a chance that maybe you crave meat generally and give into your craving once you’re high.


The survey also gives some insights into the preference of meat. The most common food for carnivore-for-only-a-night vegetarians is kebab meat and beef burgers. Around 39% preferred kebab meat, while 34% opted for beef burgers. 27% were all in for bacon, with 19% for fried chicken and 14% for pork to be their happy-hour food. 

The astonishing part of the survey was that 69 per cent of vegetarians did not tell anyone after they had eaten meat. Either they were ashamed to tell anyone or too drunk to even know, you can figure it out once you go drinking with your vegetarian friends. 

George Charles, the founder of the website, remarked:

b’Source: Pexels’

To all the vegetarians out there who have tasted meat once or twice, it’s okay. You are not really participating in the whole animal killing thing. However, if you end up eating non-veg on every night out, you need to change your ‘I’m a vegetarian’ line to ‘I’m a vegetarian when sober and ‘sometimes’ non-vegetarian when drunk,’ my friend.