Be it cocktails or straight-up hard drinks, liquors are a favorite the whole year round! 

But if you’re more than just the Friday-night alcoholic, then you’ve probably sampled a few liqueurs along the way as well.

Liqueurs are flavored spirits that can add enough taste to turn even the most simple of cocktails into an exotic drink, and your choice of liqueur actually says a lot about you: 

1. Malibu

Coconut flavored liqueur, made with Caribbean rum, Malibu is one of the most popular choice of liqueurs. Malibu lovers like things that are yummy and may often give the ‘sour’ tasting wine a miss.

2. Kahlua

The taste of exotic is what this coffee flavored liqueur from Mexico provides. Kahlua lovers are coffee addicts, who need that extra dose to keep them awake. Only this time it is not for an early morning meeting, but for a late night of fun.

3. Baileys Irish Cream

The person who loves all things delicious is the one who loves this whiskey and cream based liqueur. If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ve probably sampled a few sips of this delicious liqueur even without the accompanying cocktails. 


4. Cointreau

Cointreau, an orange flavored liqueur, is the less famous brother of Triple Sec. Similarly, the people who consume it will not be the ones drinking their liquor right from the bottle. They are the ones who can actually distinguish the different flavors in a drink!

5. Tequila Rose

If you favor Tequila Rose, then you, my friend, know about your liqueurs and then some more. Not found commonly, this tequila based liqueur is for those who love adventure, be it in food, drinks or life. The true extremist may have even sampled its Hot Rose flavor. 


6. Triple Sec

The most commonly used liqueur in cocktails, lovers of Triple Sec don’t really know what a liqueur is. What they do know is, that if they want to add something different to their house parties, they can relish on this crowd favorite orange-flavored liqueur.

7. Jagermeister

If you’ve never known the difference between a liquor and liqueur, then Jagermeister is the liqueur for you. This herb liqueur, made from 53 herbs, is for those who want their drinks to taste good and get them high quickly – because they just don’t have the patience for the slow taste of whiskey.

8. Campari

Another cocktail favorite, Campari has a bitter taste. Campari lovers will often tell you how they like their drinks to be ‘strong’, but are probably only ordering the cocktail because they don’t want to be known as the person who only ever drinks whiskey.

9. Amaretto

This bitter tasting almond liqueur is picked by those who’d rather enjoy the liqueur than the drink associated with it. In fact, they may occasionally slip a little of the liqueur in their food too. So the next time they offer you that ‘dark’ chocolate cake, be careful!

10. Godiva Liqueur

Known as a luxury liqueur, this chocolate flavored liqueur is pure indulgence and that is exactly what its lovers believe in. Pouring it on top of their ice cream sundae or enjoying it as a cocktail, fans of this liqueur believe in enjoying the finer things in life. 


So what’s your favorite liqueur? Let us know in the comments section below.