A few days ago, we went into a state of deep shock when Forever 21 took their website down and even their social media handles went for a toss. I was baffled because this can't be happening to my favourite fashion brand. So, I put on my detective hat and tried to figure out the conspiracy behind the debacle. There were no clues, no hidden secrets and I was about to give up when BAM! The website was BACK and I couldn't have been happier. It was the best piece of news in the already terrifying week that I have been having.

I hate to admit but window shopping on the Forever 21 website is a part of my daily routine. And you know how there is a popular saying, 'Distance makes the heart grow fonder'. Well, the abrupt Forever 21 blackout created more distance than I could handle. But, the all-new swanky website has made my heart go tralalalalalalalalala! The new website has been modified to look a lot like the USA version and restyled with friendly features that make it so easy to discover new trends, items and offers. It's become easier than ever to navigate through the entire Forever 21 store while you're sitting in the comforts of your home. This has made it super fun and easy to find what exactly we're looking for with the funky search options loaded with filters to keep us updated about their latest collection.  But the highlight of the relaunched website is - customised recommendations based on your search history. Can it be any cooler? Popular actresses Kriti Kharbanda and Kishwer Merchant couldn't contain their excitement either!

Nilu Yuleena shared the same thoughts as us,

Renowned blogger Isha Prakash was excited about their new website as well.

Moreover, Forever 21 through their relaunched website is offering awesome discounts like flat 70% off and I cannot hold my fingers from going on a shopping binge. So, whether it's trendy party clothes, spunky street-wear or the new SS'19 collection of ace designers, you can grab 'em all at the brand new Forever 21 website!