Can't manage to get time out to go shop for your friend for Friendship Day? Just can't buy another mug, can you now? And flowers and chocolates might just get thrown back at your face. 

So how about you get inventive this time and whip out a snazzy handmade present for your friend? I guarantee a lot of "Awwww" will follow. That or a fist bump!

Here's a list of things you can cook up and get creative with:

1. How about some Lemon Sugar Scrub for the friend who loves her beauty products?

Source: iheartnaptime

2. Pasta frame for the one who you have the best food memories with

3. Coasters for the Monica Geller friend

Source: iheartnaptime

4. Arrow Bookmark for the friend who loves reading

Source: onelmon

5.  Beer Crate for the one who loves his pints and mugs

Source: NorthStory

6. Memory Trunk for the chaddi buddy

7. Passport Holder for the friend who is struck by the #Wanderlust arrow

Source: alwaysrooney

8. Wine Holder for the friend who loves his vino chilled. 

Source: thatswhatchesaid

9. Wine bottle lamp for the romantic one

Source: Pinterest

 10. The happy jar for the one you will always be there for!

Source: ArchZine

 Get workin'!