A wedding is in progress and as you start ladling generous amounts of butter chicken on to your plate, a middle aged man with a satisfied smile lumbers towards you.

"Aur beta, pehchana?"

"Uh nai...woh.."

"Main Bunty uncle!! Chote the tum jab last main mila tha. Pehchana?"

"Han...Bunty Uncle..."

"Aur beta, kya kar rahe ho aaj kal?"

"Bas job kar raha hu."

"Achha kaha pe? Padhai kitni ki hai?"

"XYZ me, abhi mechanical engineering khatam kiya hai.

"Aur kitna kama leta ho?"

All too familiar? Some people feel that it is their inherent right to know how much you make to fend for yourself. Not only is this information incredibly personal, it's bizarre when strangers walk up to you and ask for such details, just to be able to gauge your worth by your account balance. Mostly taken aback, we fumble for words often telling them what they want to know or just try to ward off their questions unsuccessfully, but then feel bad about it later wishing we could have just slapped a malpua on their face instead.

Source: Deepak Mehta

Arm yourself with these and fend off pesky salary questions like a boss. 

Design Credit: Devika Kumari