Roti, kapda, makaan aur WiFi.

If you ask a millennial, this is probably going to be his list of priorities in life. 

And when WiFi is so important, the things that come with it have to be important too. For instance, the WiFi name. Which is why people love to get creative with it. 

Here is a list of 18 such names that will leave you in splits. 

1. Umm, okay then. 

Source: thechive

2. Someone is obsessed with them boobs. 

Source: funtoosh

3. The perfect way to say no. 

Source: Funtoosh

4. Any GoT fans in the house? 

Source: NebraskaMerican

5. That is some way to convey your feelings!

Source: venarith

6. Wi believe I can touch the sky. 

Source: MapleLeafsFan3


Source: Antic_Disposition

8. This dude's punny 

Source: under_a_cloud

9. Satya vachan

Source: fatal_pixels

10. I would love to stay in this  (NOT)

Source: Parmaker93

11. Okay, we got it, Bill!

Source: Chyleton

12. You need a doctor, brother. 

Source: meanderingmalconten

13. The Grammar Nazi

Source: CaptainTyborc

14. The king of WiFi

Source: netflix_resolution

15. It's connected though!

Source: distractify

16. Is this a normal way to talk to your neighbours now?

Source: Imgur

17. Savage!

Source: imgur

Did this give you any ideas?