The last season of Game of Thrones is set to release sometime in 2019, and while we can't wait for the grand end to an absolute gem of a series, a concert is gracing arenas across America and Europe, playing your favourite music from the series. It is sure to give fans of the series everywhere else major FOMO.

Ramin Djawadi, the genius behind the iconic music is at the helms of the Music is Coming tour.

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From the iconic theme music to the medleys of the four houses, Ramin Djawadi transports the audience to the world of fantasy which complements the visuals from the different seasons flashing in the background.

The act that stood out the most was the House Stark theme which was played by a violinist on top of a weirwood tree. The entire dramatisation is too strong for our fickle hearts to handle.

To give you all the nostalgic feels, Djwadi shepherds the audience through the highlights of each season of the show. 

Season 2's segment sees a rendition of Melisandre's theme- a whirlwind of emotions that cascades through the iconic moments of The Red Woman, Wildfire, and Blackwater. Feel left out already?  

Remember the Red Wedding? The Rains of Castamere immortalized that scene. But are you strong enough to contain the feels of an even more accentuated version of the iconic scene? Probably not.

Remember this scene from season 2?

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And this?

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...and also this?

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Relive the whirlwind of emotions that you went through when you first watched the episode in The Lannister Sends Their Regards section. Crying? Yes. Absolutely.

Season 3 is rounded up with a rendition of Mhysa, the song which plays when Daenerys is welcomed into the arms of freed slaves. 

...and season 4 with a rendition of The Children which is played when Arya heads to Braavos across the Narrow Sea. Head across a sea of nostalgia and get lost in the island of missing out.

Cersei's walk of shame theme, Atonement, summed up season 5. The feels? Unforgettable.

Of course, Hodor's heartbreaking and soul-crushing scene also has its own set.

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Does it feel good to revisit it again? Not really. Hold the door for we do not feel well.

The Battle of the Bastards got its own set too.

Season 7 wraps up with Army of the Dead, which played when the Night King's army walks southwards towards the northern lands.

The concert is concluded with a video montage which features all the characters that have been killed throughout the show and it is a very looooooooooong one. Considering that the loss of our favourite characters still remains fresh in our memories, it feels even longer.

Twitterati gives us a glimpse of what we're missing out and we're bending our knee for the amaze show we're missing out from.

There isn't much that we can do except drink our tears and wait impatiently for the last season grace our screens.