Let's be honest, we have all been sitting uncomfortably, waiting for the epic conclusion to Game of Thrones to finally air.

And we also know that the biggest show on the planet won't be cutting any corners as it concludes the series. 

Now's the time to get a bit more excited as the runtimes of the episodes have finally been revealed (or leaked)! 

We're talking two-thirds of the show potentially going above and beyond the longest episode - The Dragon and the Wolf.

Source: Cult Fix

This announcement was made by a French outlet, Premier who witnessed an Orange Series presentation involving the last season of Game of Thrones.

During the presentation, it was hinted that the first two episodes would clock in a runtime of 60 minutes, while the final four would be 80 minutes each.

And this reveal just made Battle of the Bastards look like a walk in the park.

Source: MyMBuzz

Anyhow, we're getting the epic conclusion we were all hoping for, at least in terms of how long each episode will be. We just have to brace through 79 days for winter to finally arrive.