Wordle. Not just a game but yet another fixation the pandemic has bestowed upon us. The five-by-six rounded squares tinted in yellow, gray, and green have enticed millions. If you’re active on social media, this five-letter word grid game must have caught your eyes!    

What is your word on Wordle? Are you crazy about your Wordle streak? Do you want some hacks to make your life easier? Don’t worry, here are some pro tips we have collated from Wordlers all around the world just to help you out.  

PS – You can thank us later for this. 

1. Sort your vowels first

Ask yourself. How many 5-letter words do you know without a single vowel? 

Quite a bit of a task, isn’t it? Safe to say, knowing where your vowels are placed in the word must be your priority. This Quora user gave a golden suggestion for a good head start.

Some Wordle players have found success in starting with a word that has several vowels in it. “Adieu,” “audio” or “canoe,” for instance, may be good words to start with because at least three out of the five letters are vowels.

-Enosh Collins

Wait! There’s more…

2. Be very very wise about your first word

You see the image below? This is a rookie-error. You’ve only got 6 chances. So you better not waste a single chance by choosing words with repetitive alphabets. Making a word like ‘STATS’ as your first word implies that you are only using ‘STA’ i.e., 3 out of 26 alphabets. Please don’t waste your chances like that!

Rock Paper Shotgun

Look what this Quora user has got to say about choosing your first word.

If you’re playing in easy mode, AROSE takes care of the 5 most common letters, and UNTIL takes the next 5. That gives you the 5 common vowels, but no remaining words can be formed with the remaining letters alone.

Redditors have got your back as well…

3. Play around with different word combinations

The more, the merrier! If you experiment with words of diverse alphabets, your prospects are that you’ll crack the word in 4th or 5th chance and save your sacred streak.

4. Don’t play Wordle when you first wake up

Yaah! Just resist your urge and don’t play Wordle with sleepy eyes and an exhausted soul. As easy as the game looks, it is a bit of task, at times. Or, most of the times!

5. Just switch off the hard mode  

Yes, you don’t have to torture yourself everytime.

6. Use the incognito mode to have more than 6 chances (Some might call it cheating, though)

And the tip of the day is… 

Now, if you’ve come so far and still do not know what the heck is Wordle about; If you’re aloof from this ubiquitous Wordle-addiction, you might want go check this out:
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