You don't need a partner to be happy. And this Valentine's Day, girls have taken it upon themselves to prove it.

#GalentinesDay is now a thing with girls celebrating love for their girlfriends proving that they don't need guys to be happy.

1.  Your girlfriend will always have your back

2. Your girlfriend will never let you down

3. She'll always feel proud to have you

4. She'll never say no to shopping 

@lauraleesrva #gallentinesday was so fun! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

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5. She'll never tell you what not to eat

6. She'll be a part of your drama

Happy #GallentinesDay 👯💖

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7. She'll never shy away from PDA

8. She'll always tell you to be yourself

9. She'll always be the reason for your smile

10. She'll let you make mistakes and learn from them

11. She'll make sure you are having the best time, always

Today is Valentine’s Day. Or fucking Valentine’s day... depending on which side of the fence you’re sitting on. . But despite how eye roll inducing Valentine’s day is, my heart can’t shun a day that’s all about love… any kind of love. . So today, let’s do like @ohmydigitalau and make a love thread by celebrate GALentine’s Day. Tag a single queen and reminding her of how much you love her... . Because there’s all kinds of love - but love for your gals is up there with the greatest... . I’ll kick us off by tagging @ksofia, @sharilana and @apprilmayjune because they’re part of my single girl wolf pack... . but then I’m over out... cos we headed to the STRIPPERS BABY! . Hey - it’s GALentine’s Day... treat yo self and yo loved ones xx #galentinesday

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12. She'll never make excuses for not meeting you

13. She'll always reply to your texts no matter how busy she is

Happy GALentines day ♥️ 💃🏼 #galentinesday #valentinesday

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14. She'll love you unconditionally 

15. And she'll be there with you forever

Girlfriends forever!