Shah Rukh Khan is one of those rare Bollywood actors, who're pretty famous globally.

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Everybody loves him.

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Some, more than the others.

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However, even after being so famous, Google seems to confuse him with a 24-year-old Australian actor.

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As we discovered recently when we were googling Shah Rukh Khan's dimples. (Yeah, that's what we do for a living.)

We selected one image that we liked.

And decided to Google search the image (cause that's exactly what we do for a living).

However, Google immediately thought that the man in the image was Nicolas Dunn, an Australian actor.

I mean that was the BEST guess.

Now we would've understood had Nicolas looked even a little bit like SRK.

But he looks totally different.

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To be honest, he looks a little like Kunal Khemu.

It's okay, SRK. Bade bade Google mein, aisi chhoti-chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain. The good thing is that Google thinks you're 24 years old.

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