All that glitters is not gold. And all that looks like adorable misadventures of a man and his fluffy sloth of a cat is not... y'know, adorable. At all. It might be super dark and could fuck you up on a deep level while you LOL at it on the outside.

Irish illustrator John Cullen - pen named Nellucnhoj (read backwards) - is the creator of nihilistic, existential and super-meta comics, and the hilarious dark overlord of all things bleak. His character Gramfel, that looks curiously similar to a certain gluttonous and lazy cat we've all loved for years, is not one for subtlety. He brings on the darkness and crushing pessimism like nobody's business.

Well, if like me, some strange, fucked up part of you enjoyed that no-holds-barred bleak comic, let's hope this demonic, box-bound kitty is nowhere close to done with our innocent little minds. Check out more of John Cullen's work on Facebook or Instagram too.