"Phir se chatt pe maar di ball tune, nahin mili toh nayi khareed ke laana."

All our experiences of playing cricket as kids can be summed up in this sentence.

There was a Sehwag in every street, hitting sixes; and a Warne in every park, celebrating dismissals. But the resources were less and so was space, and the combination of the two gave us a new version of the sport that's regarded to be a religion in the country.

Gully cricket was a very important part of our childhood. Let us relive it today.

Lastly, "ladkiyan cricket nahin khelti."

Well, 15 of those ladkiyan were finalists at the World Cup. So, the next time you smash a four, make sure you also send such stereotypes across the boundary and outside the park.

That's where they belong.

Designs by Sanil Modi.