The Story Of Guru Nanak

The First ​Sikh ​Guru & Founder Of Sikhism

Sach​h​a Sauda

His father, an accountant, gave him ₹20 to perform Sach​h​a Sauda (honest business) that could yield profits. Nanak saw a village plagued with hunger & disease. He used the money to aid them, believing that there could be no bigger profit than serving people. He was only 18.

In Haridwar

In his time in Haridwar, he saw people offering water towards the sun to what they claimed were their dead ancestors beyond the sun. He did the same in the opposite direction and explained that if this water can't reach those on land, how can it reach those in a different world?


His teachings can be found in the Guru Granth Sahib, with some prayers being the Sidh-Ghost, the Japji Sahib and the Asa di Var. Guru Nanak preached against worship of demi-gods, superstitions and false rituals.

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