Biryani is arguably every foodie's favourite dish. In recent times, all thanks to the Internet there has been insane fan following of the heavenly dish. Almost the point where there are actual fights over it, usually the fights are between vegetarians and non-vegetarians but this time it's totally different.

We all know how sacred biryani is to all of us, right?

Well, Ali San also seems to be a fan of biryani but the way he eats it will definitely scar you for life! I can't describe my disappointment in words, just see his tweet, you guys.

Wait a mind just threw up a bit. 

Source: MTV

Even if he wanted to eat it in this distasteful manner, he could've done it while keeping it a secret but no he had to rub everyone's nose in it. As expected entire Twitter came in solidarity to protest against this torture to biryani.

Almost everyone disowned him with a great feeling of disappointment.

Source: b'Source: Twitter'

People were absolutely devastated by this barbaric treatment of their favourite dish. 

This is basically all of us.

You might be able to disgust us for a few a minutes but nothing in the world can ruin biryani for us. Relax, elaichi, no one is talking about you!