Twitter, the micro-blogging site where people tweet their views and opinions on anything under the sun. One of the most lucrative parts of Twitter is retweets (or shares), and quite obviously it becomes a number game when you are active on Twitter.

Do you remember the selfie taken by Ellen at the Oscars? Well, for the longest time it was the most retweeted tweet on Twitter.

But, like everything in life, it's time to move on. Someone just shattered Ellen's picture perfect tweet.

No, it's Narendra Modi declaring the expected date of Achhe Din.

And no, not even Rajinikanth.

It's just a teenager asking for a year's free supply of chicken Nuggets from the popular food outlet Wendy's. 

Twitter verified the Chicken Nugget Guy aka Carter Wilkerson and even uploaded a video celebrating his achievement. Take a look.

Ellen had a feeling that his tweet could break the record, so she even called him on her show.

And finally, guess what? Wendy's tweeted this and confirmed that the internet actually helped the guy get some nuggets for free!

Seriously, the internet is a crazy place! BRB, trying my luck.