Gone are days when travelling meant elaborate planning over several months. Now, all it takes is a desire to escape our hectic lives and explore life beyond our city. 

If you are looking to travel in India but are wary of a stringent budget and other hassles, here we have listed some hacks that'll make your trip smooth and enjoyable: 

1. Go for vegetarian food over non-vegetarian as it costs much lesser. Besides, a majority of the delicacies are vegetarian anyway.

Source: divineindian.com

2. Hone your bargaining skills as tourists are usually quoted double prices for local commodities and transportation.

Source: volunteerworkindia.org

3. Check out from the hotel in the morning, roam around in the city and leave at night. You just saved time and money of an extra day!

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4. Travel in groups to split expenses. 

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5. Don't fall for the three-star and five-star hotel ratings. Barring some high-end hotels in mega-cities, there is a stark contrast between the services provided by star hotels of India and abroad.

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6. Elude the crowded roads and hiked costs by travelling during the off-season.

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7. Instead of purchasing things from souvenir shops, try the nearby street markets. 

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8. Always keep cash handy as the smaller places might not have debit and credit card facilities.

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9. Embracing public transports especially in the smaller cities. These offer great connectivity at minimal prices!

Source: tamilnadutourism.org

10. Don't rely on the brochures provided by travel agents. Explore the lanes, small establishments and free activities on your own instead.

Source: erewise.com

11. Look for guest houses instead of hotels to save money. They provide decent facilities at affordable rates. 

Source: homeaway.co.in

12. If you are availing flight, fly to a nearby cheaper destination and rent a car to the main city to save money. 

Source: tripadvisor.in

13. If you're travelling to a pilgrimage area, cut down on money by treating yourself to langar food.

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14. Make late-evening your shopping hour in local markets. It's a steal during the market wrap-up time!

Source: luxuryescapes.com

 Happy vacationing!