Our parents are usually the first people we lie to. From denying knowledge about the missing pennies from dad's pocket to hiding the existence of our partner, somehow, we always end up lying to our parents. Of course, we can't go pouring our hearts out to them all the time, but there are things we wish we could tell them, right? 

Like how, on most nights, we end up ordering food instead of cooking, or about the fact that we drink and smoke almost on a regular basis. But then we just let it be, skip over the truth and tell them the things they want to hear. 

We asked people to share the things they wish they could tell their parents and the replies we got are something that all of us would relate to. 

Our parents might not be the first people we want to talk to, but sometimes opening a conversation can open gates for a lot of other things. 

Designs by Mir Suhail